Author/Illustrator Visits

Programs presented by author/illustrator Yetti Frenkel give children an inside look at the life of a working artist. Presentations include readings of her books, slides of her work as an artist and muralist, and the process of creating a children's book from storyboard to finished product. By presenting a progression of early sketchbooks, Yetti shows children that drawing is a learning process like math or reading and that with perserverance they can also achieve their goals.

To schedule a program, or for more information, please contact Yetti Frenkel.

Feedback From Presentations

"The children were obviously enthralled with your presentation and fascinated by seeing the artwork of your picture books. Your lively reading and entertaining personal style were obviously appreciated by our young patrons- as well as by their parents and caregivers who later gave great commendations! With great polish and skill, you brought the picture book creation process alive much to the delight of our visitors, young and old." Paula Hayes, Supervisor The Rey Children's Room Boston Public Library Boston, MA

"Yetti had a genuine rapport with the classes and thoughtful answers to all questions. She showed her sketchbooks and explained to students that drawing is a learning process, like learning to read or do mathematical problems, and that they should not be frustrated if it takes a long time to learn how to draw. Part of her wonderful presentation was to explain the process of creating a book, from the original idea to a book on the library shelf. Several of my students had specific questions about her artwork and one even offered his original drawings to her." Karen Kosko, Library Media Specialist Haggerty School, Cambridge, MA

"I want to thank you for coming to the Children's Room and sharing your books and illustrations with us. It was a treat to hear the stories and see your beautiful, full-scale artwork and compare it to what we see in print." Lorraine Der, Children's Librarian Hamilton-Wenham Public Library


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