Trudy and the Captain's Cat

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Trudy is a naive and pampered house cat who follows her mistress to the market in a quest for adventure. When she steals a fish, she is chased down to the docks where she meets Albi, a cunning seafaring cat. Albi knows a landlubber when he sees one, and he decides to con Trudy out of her fish by telling her a yarn wth a surprise ending.

Yetti Frenkel has illustrated this delightful tale with atmospheric drawings in black and white that perfectly compliment the text. Children and parents alike will enjoy the story of Trudy as she is tricked out of her fish by a master story teller.


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32 Pages, Hardcover
Black and White

Ages 3+
10.5 x 8.5 inches
ISBN: 0-9749006-1-3
Price: $16.95

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